This video identifies some of the Range T specification highlights, as well as the clever design features which make the truck so easy to operate. (Please note that the video shows a T High variant, so includes some features such as high sleeper and extended dash which are only available on this LHD model. The tanker specification is also only available LHD).


This video explains the Optifuel Infomax offering which reinforces the total cost of ownership message where Range T excels. This will be complemented by an e-learning package which is due for release in Quarter One 2016.


This video shows Range C in a number of demanding applications, as well as detailing some of the features and attributes which have made it so successful since its launch. Please note that the Optitrack all-wheel drive system is not offered in the UK currently (this is best suited to extremes of conditions which are very unusual in the UK). Also don’t forget that Range C was runner-up in the 2016 International Truck of the Year awards.