CVRT & DOE What you need to know

Tachographs are fitted to buses and trucks to measure the amount of time a driver was driving and resting. Tachographs are now compulsory in the EU and Smart Tachographs are now also commonplace and having your tacho calibrated and functioning correctly is crucial under Irish and EU Laws.

Dennehy Commercials carry out Tachograph calibrations and repairs. Dennehy’s also calibrate 1c or Smart Tachographs in compliance with the Road Safety Authority (RSA).

The testing equipment used is compliant with all relevant regulations and legislation and all tests are carried out by professional, certified and experienced technicians. We offer Free complimentary refreshments and WiFi and late appointment times Monday to Saturday.

  • Every commercial vehicle requires a  Certificate of Roadworthiness.
  • You must bring a drivers license or passport when you bring your commercial vehicle for testing .
  • If you test your vehicle on time and it passes, a 12 month CRW will be issues
  • Your vehicle can be tested up to 30 days before your CRW expires
  • VLC/LogBook is not required when testing your vehicle
  • If a vehicle is tested late, the CRW will be issued for the year from the expiry date.
  • All commercial vehicle require to have CRW even if they are off the road and out of use.
  • Changing ownership does not effect the expiry date of the CRVT for that vehicle.
  • Vehicles that fail, need to be tested once repaired within 21 days or 400km, whatever comes first.
  • Visual retesting is free but if equipment needs to be repaired, a charge may be incurred.
  • If you do not return within the 21 days or 4000km, a full test will be required and will incur the full test fee again.
  • All CVR Test Centres are governed by the Road Safety Authority.
  • All test centres must charge the same price by law for CVRT testing
  • Your CRW is issued by the RSA and will posted to the Registered owner’s address within 10 working days.
  • If you did not receive your CRW, you can visit and order a replacement.
  • Operators can now register on and keep track of their vehicle’s CRW status, renewal dates and even print copies of Pass/Fail statements for their vehicles.
  • RSA approved 3 CVRT test lanes.
  • CVRT pre check and voluntary checks
  • Late evening and Saturday testing
  • Tacho calibrations, weight plating and speed limiter calibrations


Monday – Friday 8:30 to 19:00

Saturday 8:30 to 13:00

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